Why vote?

Here’s a reason to vote Democrat for the U.S. Congress. If we succeed to elect a majority Democratic Congress, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) could become majority whip. He then will be in a better position to push his Universal Health Care Bill HR-99.

Lorenzo TorrezTucson AZ

Sid will be missed

Sid Taylor was a most unusual man. His devotion to the Communist Party and to the People’s Weekly World were eternal. In spite of being legally blind, unable to hear, having difficulty walking, suffering from the ravages of diabetes, he took the train from West Palm Beach to Deefield Beach several times a month, sometimes more than once in one week. He refused to accept skepticism of our ability to take on new projects. He tried to push us as resolutely as he pushed himself. He was involved in every activity in West Palm Beach. Always concerned about people. When he went to the hospital, he insisted on going to the one in the area that had an organized union staff. When his son came down to see him in the hospice, his first question was “how did the protest rally go?” He leaves a void. He cannot be replaced. He is going to be missed.

Rosalyn L. SpitzerDeerfield Beach FL

Great quote

I have a great quote from one of my favorite TV programs “West Wing,” which I would like to share with your readers. It’s especially good for those of us who may forget things from time to time. “West Wing’s” President Jed Bartlett said, “What I lack in memory I more than make up for in deductive reasoning.”

Sarah WaltersChicago IL

Havana hip hop

I was excited to read Mary Murray’s article “Havana hip hops to its own rhythm” in the Sept. 7 edition of the PWW. I found the article quite interesting and informative as Ms. Murray talked about the positive role that rap is playing in Cuba with bringing some problems in Cuba to the forefront so they will be addressed.

However, I was dismayed by a sentence early on in the article which to me attempts to put an anti-Cuban government slant to this article: Cuba is a “country that prefers to keep its shortcomings under wraps.” I read this sentence and I’m thinking to myself just more anti Cuban propaganda and I almost stopped reading the article.

I continued to read the article to find out that Cuban rap has a lot of support in Cuba, and in particular in Havana. I don’t know what the point of the sentence was since this article demonstrates the opposite. I don’t know whether Ms. Murray wrote that sentence or one of her editors added it in, but I think PWW editors could have removed it without changing the article’s intent.

J. TeixeiraAttleboro MA

Texans protest unending war

Texans are responding to the deafening war drums from the White House with our own firm demand, “No Blood for Oil!” 2,000 gathered in Austin from across the state on October 5 to march and rally. Another statewide demonstration is planned for Austin on October 26.

In Dallas on Oct. 7, 200 activists held an anti-war rally in the City Hall Plaza. African-American groups initiated the activity and accounted for a number of the participants.

On the same day, University of North Texas activists gathered on campus to remember the thousands of deaths caused by the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan. One of the signs read, “3,000 innocent civilian deaths in the World Trade Center; 6,000 innocent civilian deaths in Afghanistan: Are we even yet?”

Speakers blasted both of Texas’ U.S. Senators, but are tremendously heartened by the anti-war postures of two African-American Texas Congresswomen: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) of Houston and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) of Dallas. Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D) of Austin has also resisted the raging pro-war media propaganda.

Jim LaneDallas TX