Cover grocery workers

Great site! Could you run a story about the contract negotiations with UFCW 1546, UFCW 881 and Dominicks grocery stores (Safeway). Safeway is intimidating, harassing and breaking the law. You can get more info at WWW.UFCWLOCAL1546.ORG


John ReeseVia e-mail

NY State not #1

Being a former New Yorker myself, I am all too aware of of the Empire State’s inflated sense of its own importance. Still, contrary to an article in your Nov. 2 edition, N.Y. is not “the nation’s largest state.” California is. It is not even the second largest state. Texas is. It is third largest, though Florida is close behind and if present trends continue, will soon surpass N.Y.

This is not geographic nitpicking since the federal system that exists in this nation mandates us to deploy our forces where the masses are and, as bourgeois political analysts long have noted, a key demographic trend in this nation in recent decades has been the surge in population in the “Sunbelt” and a relative decline in the Northeast.

Gerald HorneChapel Hill NC

Greetings from Fargo

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy Judith Le Blanc’s reportage from the Middle East. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

I still have hopes for peace, for a future for all the peoples of the world. It’s hard to be optimistic in the face of all the terrible things.that are taking place, but I still do.

We have to hang in, keep on truckin’.

Lew LubkaFargo ND

Getting the word out in LA

I read your newspaper magazine. If you really want to have an impact on the news, if you really want to get your stories covered in the “mainstream” news media, than you ought to do this:

Drop off stacks of your newspapers in the lobbies of the news media outlets. I’ve seen stacks of LA Weekly in the lobbies of all the newspapers, so why not your newspapers too?

Drop off stacks of your newspapers at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, BBC, and all the local tv news stations. They’ll read them because they’re always looking for content. Just drop off the stacks in front with a note to leave in the lobbies next to the LA Weekly and somebody will eventually move them there.

Another place you might consider dropping off stacks at are at the news stands at the main train stations. Bored commuters will pick them up to read.

Also, at least this way, the media can no longer pretend they didn’t know about these stories.

Roger CromwellVia e-mail

Don’t attack Iraq

We have sent a letter to the Foreign Ministers of Scandinavia, to stop the U.S. and UK planned military attack plans against the Iraqi people. Please, could you make this letter public?

During the first eight weeks in Afghanistan war, October 2001 to December 2001, U.S. has killed over 3767 civilians in Afghanistan, by: classical mass destruction weapons, like:

• Cluster Bombs

• Thermobaric (15.000 pounds) bombs

• B-52 “Mat” bombings

• Cruise Missiles, equipped with 1000 pounds (=458 kg) Shrapnell Warheads.

• Depleted Uranium (=DU) bombs.

During the Iraqi War 1990, the “International Coalition” bombed Iraq with Depleted Uranium bombs. Several thousand Iraqi children are now lying in Iraqi hospitals, due to cancer, immunosupression, etc.

Dear Ministers: We appeal to you, that you do everything, at your hands, to prevent the attack against Iraq. There is already a great hurry, because, to our knowledge, the attack is planned to start November-December 2002.

It is well known, that the real reason for the U.S. and UK attack against Iraq is: Oil. Iraq has the SECOND richest oil reserves in the world.

The Iraqi oil belongs to Iraqi children, their future depends on it. The Iraqi oil does not belong to U.S. and Western financial [interests] and U.S. oil companies.

Dr. Stig Froberg, physicistvia e-mail from Finland

Capitalism isn’t working

I wanted to write more about what I have in mind about long term unemployment, now that I’m part of that crowd for 17 months, but let me sum it up by suggesting that this country needs a new CCC – a Committee to Criminalize Capitalism.

BruceVia e-mail