Indy media vs war

It is refreshing to read that there are signs of increasing opposition in Congress and among members of the public against Bush’s naked aggression on the Republic of Iraq. As you know, the New York Daily News broke a story that the Bush Abomination is running around trying to round up support for their war, to create the illusion of international support by selling shares in the Iraqi oil fields once they’ve conquered those oilfields. They’re also peddling weapons and offering to deposit large sums of money in the Swiss bank accounts of corrupt foreign leaders.

Bush’s corruption is the biggest scandal since Iran Contra, when the Reagan administration sold guns to [Iran] and used the proceeds to finance their mercenaries in Nicaragua. It is time for the media to blow the lid off this one. The major networks, NBC ABC and CBS have their noses stuffed so far up Bush’s a** they’re not likely to do much of anything. But independents such as PWW, Pacifica and others can blow this thing a mile high and in the process head off Bush’s obscene war, thus saving thousands of lives.

Jerry GreenbergVia e-mail

Media ‘embed’ with military

I hope readers aren’t missing the newest rightwing candidate for Most Sardonic Developments of All Time – journalists are attending military “boot camp” to “get ready” to cover the coming Bush War in the Middle East.

Those who meet the requirements of the United States military will – this is their word – “embed” with the military.

The last American commercial journalist who had any claim at all to integrity, Walter Cronkite, recently recounted on National Public Radio how honest coverage of military operations came to an end after he began to take issue with fabulously overstated government body counts during Vietnam.

During the more recent invasions of Grenada and Iraq, Americans saw how completely the commercial information monopolists had accepted their leashes and muzzles from the Pentagon. But, even then, they didn’t submit their employees to one-week courses with the military as a requirement to get “embed.”

Jim LaneDallas TX

More coverage from Italy

I would like this newspaper to talk a little about the sad situation in Italy, especially now with a center-right government; the European Social Forum that took place two weeks ago in Florence; the crisis of the FIAT automobiles company and the earthquake in Molise.

Scappin AlessandroVenice, Italy

Reading hope

I write to you from capitalist Ukraine. The situation here is horrible. Poverty level is getting higher and higher. Sometimes I think that a real nightmare is slowly but inevitably approaching. It is good that I have access to such source of news and information like yours. It really gives me hope and a ray of light.

Konstantin KalinovskyVia e-mail

Stay tuned

My own humble PBS offering, “Seth Eastman: Painting the Dakota” will be airing this coming Thanksgiving Day at noon on WNET. Hope you can tune in! Cheers.

Kristian BergSt. Paul MN

Where’s the Green coverage?

As a former long-time resident of Pittsburgh and an even longer time subscriber to the PWW I was pleased to read Rosita Johnson’s excellent article on the Green Party’s Pennsylvania governor’s campaign. (11/16)

Sadly, the big business media in Pennsylvania gave more coverage to this Green campaign than did the PWW. It’s hard to believe that you could not give any [pre-election] coverage to the Morrill campaign for governor. Or the campaign of AnnDrea Benson, a former aide to Sen. Paul Wellstone, running as a Green congressional candidate in the industrial city of Erie, who received over 26 percent of the vote in a race the Democrats did not even bother to enter.

When all you do is concentrate on dumbo and the jackass you not only do your readers a real disservice, you end up missing the real story.

Walter TillowNew York NY