Letters – April 19, 2008

American Axle coverage

I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading John Rummel’s piece on the on going struggle at American Axle in PWW 3/29-4/4 issue. This is an important event with no coverage in the mainstream media. I believe that the strike is an important example of unity among workers. I loved reading about how the company called back 140 laid-off workers only to have those same workers join their sisters and brothers on the picket line. Thanks again PWW and John Rummel for covering this important event.

B. Cline

Romeoville IL

I usually don’t take the time to write or to blog about articles. But since my husband has been on strike at American Axle & Manufacturing, it seems that’s all I do. Blog, email AAM and write as many letters to anyone who may listen. Anyway, I just have to tell you that I agree wholeheartedly with the article, “American Axle workers and the 2008 elections” by John Rummel (PWW Online http://www.pww.

org/article/view/12882/). I could not have said any of it better myself. I pray for an agreement with AAM and the UAW and I pray for a change in this country. If the country keeps as it is we will be in financial trouble regardless of the outcome of our strike. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done NOW! Thanks for listening.

A reader



I would not normally write a second letter to you on the same subject, but I must say I was appalled to read Teresa Albano, in an otherwise excellent article, referring to “alleged repression in Tibet” (PWW 4/5-11). The reality of Chinese government repression in Tibet is well substantiated from a variety of sources; it cannot be dismissed as an invention of imperialist propaganda. In the past, we did ourselves and socialism no favor by denying the reality of repression and wrong in the Soviet Union and other socialist countries. Let’s not make the same mistake again.

Hank Millstein

Novato CA

Note from India

I’d like to thank your delegation for spending time with our television channel known as Aakash Bangla, during your tour in India for 19th Congress of Communist Party of India (Marxist).

I hope you share your experience and understanding of the fight and struggles of communist movements in the Indian context. I express my gratitude and solidarity towards your movement in the USA, as well as whole world. We believe our next destination is socialism when workers of the whole world will be united and fight for humanity and better living for the whole human race.

Let’s keep connected. The future of the earth is communism and the future is ours.

Tridib Bhattacharya

West Bengal, India

Tridib Bhattacharya is a senior journalist for Aakash Bangla, a Bengali-language TV station based in Kolkata (Calcutta).

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