Horror in the desert

I went on a desert hike the other day with the Samaritans (a humanitarian group that provides aid to migrants in distress), and amidst all the empty water bottles and backpacks and other signs of migrant crossings, we stumbled upon a bra hanging on a cactus. One of the Samaritans I was with told me he always takes them down when he finds them because they are “trophy trees”— a woman was raped there. Yet another horror of the war on immigrants.

Deb Wilmer

Tucson AZ

Re: Retraining for what?

John Rummel’s article “Retraining for what” highlighted one of the greatest myths trumpeted in the capitalist press and assumed to be the truth by too many, i.e., that unemployed and low-wage workers are in their situation because they do not have enough or the right education. Does anyone really believe that if every low-wage or unemployed worker got a Ph.D. there would be a job for him or her commensurate with such a degree?

It is generally true that those with more education do earn higher incomes. The inequities of the capitalist system assure that many will not get a quality education and the legacy of racism often closes the opportunities for many who do attain higher levels of education. None of this is usually discussed when talking about the need for workers to get more education or retraining.

Moreover blaming lack of education for low wages or unemployment becomes another way to blame individuals for their plight rather than the capitalist system.

Blair F. Bertaccini

Waterbury CT

World supports Zelaya

The international pressure on the putschists in Honduras grows: The UN General Assembly condemned the coup d’etat unanimously and demanded a return of president Manuel Zelaya to power. In a resolution accepted in Zelaya’s presence by acclamation the 192 UN member states were requested “to accept no other government than those of the constitutional president Zelaya.”

At the same time the committee appealed to UN-Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to keep the situation in view and to inform the plenary assembly about further developments in that Central American country.

Fédération Internationale

des Résistants (FIR)

Berlin, Germany

Capitalism exposed: in brief

We think this thesis destroys one’s belief in capitalism.

Preparing for a one hour presentation at the UN General Assembly Hall, March 5, 2009, we brought our thesis for full and equal economic rights down to 170 words plus supports before and after:


We were stunned that this above linked thesis was understood by almost everybody, the same people who had always been unreachable. In short, this thesis exposes the fraud of capitalism to most.

The books cited in that thesis are up on the web for all to read. But, if they feel they will be used, we do send copies to progressive groups such as yours. Thank you.

J.W. Smith

Sun City AZ

A sample of comments from www.pww.org:

Re: ‘Underlying conditions’ of Honduras coup

My understanding of Iran-Contra was that the U.S. CIA sold weapons to the Iranians, via Israel, and used the money to fund the Contras. The CIA also ran drugs to fund the Contras.

The proof that the Obama administration has actually changed imperial U.S. policy will be the action that follows the rhetoric.


Re: Health care mess: How we got into it, how to get out of it

FYI correction: Rush was never connected to Cook County via tunnels. You had to cross Harrison and Wood at street level to get to Rush.

Maggi Lunde

Re: Calif. budget drama grows

The article doesn’t talk about the union growth in the public sector. Looks like this was paid by unions. This article sounds more and more a union propaganda.


Re: Mass rally demands universal health care

The product of health insurance is to provide you with medical coverage when you need it. Unlike other businesses that need to provide you with their product in order to make any money, health insurance companies actually make more money for themselves when they restrict and do not pay claims.

In other words, they make more money when they do NOT provide the product that you have paid them for.

Read the 50 to 70 pages of your health insurance contract.

Pay particular attention to the section entitled “limitations and exclusions.” People’s health is not a product that needs to be left to the whims of money motivated CEOs and stockholders. If that is your thinking, you might as well have your police and fire department protection based on insurance premiums you pay. Then you can go to the police and fire protection insurance page for “limitations and exclusions” on whether or not the police or fire department would come out to your house in the event of an emergency.

The point is, you would never think of discriminating against another citizen if he was the victim of a fire or crime. So why would you be ok with health insurance companies discriminating against fellow citizens who have pre-existing medical conditions?

Scott Greene

Re: New religion commission begins work

I appreciate the Communist Party’s respect of religious belief. I may not be religious myself, but I understand how people who are religious can both respect materialism as a method to be used for shaping the world and its history, and spirituality as a guide for their personal decisions.

Again, the party makes the right choice. By addressing the perception that it is bigoted towards people who appreciate religion, the Communists are welcoming more and more people to join them in calling for the democratization of the market.


Re: Remembering Michael Jackson

Thanks for this! Just posted on Facebook, with this note: Read this! What a unique and beautiful piece.

Elena Mora

This is really a beautiful and well-written piece, Joe. My feelings about this performer are so mixed. Thank you for putting it so eloquently.


I do not understand what has happened to the people’s weekly world. As a newspaper that claims to be the successor to the daily worker you should be covering things that matter. Not symbols of bourgeois self-indulgence and corporate mass media.

sharar muir

Re: Rite Aid’s wrong, workers tell shareholders

Rite Aid has lost any business from me until they start respecting their employees and the laws of the United States and California.

Steve Kramer

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