Importance of standing up
While I was sitting in the VA hospital waiting room, I struck up a conversation with an elderly lady. She explained to me that her husband was undergoing an extensive surgery and she was extremely worried for her husband’s life.
During the conversation, I noticed a cute little dog that was on a leash next to her feet. I asked if I could pet her dog (since I am a major dog lover) and the dog was just as loving as could be. The dog then jumped on the chair next to the nice lady.
She explained how the dog was her lifeline to her survival. She explained that she had violent seizures. She had no idea when her next seizure would be and her fall might kill her. The dog would sense then a seizure was imminent and would tug the line and would refuse to move any further. When this would occur the lady would lie down and prepare for her seizure.
As a south Georgia country boy, I know how special dogs can be. I replied how special her seizure dog was. It was an awesome experience for me to meet this special lady and her special little dog.
About that time a VA policeman came up an asked if the dog was a “seeing eye dog.” The elderly lady explained that it was a “seizure dog.” She tried to explain the purpose of this dog to no avail.
The VA policeman ordered the seizure dog out of the hospital. The lady then started crying. At this point I stood up and said, “NO!” I took this fine lady to the patient representative’s office where I presented her case and the lady and her dog got written permission to stay.
If a dog could smile this little dog did. The lady hugged my neck and thanked me again. The VA cop glanced at me and told me I was a troublemaker. I replied, “If you only knew!”
Richard Bennett
South Georgia
Read Richard Bennett’s wonderful

Re: N. Korea test
People’s Weekly World is to be commended for Owen Williamson’s “Scientists question North Korea nuclear test.” It brings to the broader public information which the main stream media avoids or ignores.
At a time when the Obama administration is reviving a revisionist Truman–MacArthur policy towards North Korea, it becomes ever more imperative to debunk it. Demonizing Pyongyang will not bring North Korea back to the six party talks, nor will it lessen the taut trip wire to war. Mr. Obama has embarked on a diplomatic and military policy which has but one goal: to force North Korea into “complete surrender” on the nuclear issue, advanced rocketry and geopolitical concerns favorable to the United States and its South Korean and Japanese allies. Obviously, he and his team at State and the Pentagon have misread its long, sorry history in dealing with North Korea.
RJ Cambria
New York NY
RJ Cambira is the former managing editor of The Korean Review.

Where is coverage on Iran?
I expected that Iran’s recent unrest and people’s movement will attract your attention and results on a reflection of what’s going on in Iran on PWW. This is a very important event that will shape the future of our country and don’t know how you guys have ignored it? Iranians need the support of all progressive parties including communists. Believe me it not less important than many other issues you got on PWW.
Hamid Vakili
British Columbia, Canada
Editor’s note: The PWW has given a lot of coverage about the democratic and workers’ struggles in Iran — both in the wake of the 10th presidential elections and before the recent uprising. The current website search engine and article organization can be problematic. But if you search for Iran, numerous stories will come up.
We hope to have a better way to organize and present our extensive coverage from Iran to Honduras and other international stories, to the labor and people’s movements in the U.S. with our new website. Donations can be sent to 235 W. 23rd St., NYC, NY 10011 or made online at

Charles Krauthammer in the article, “Obama attains arms-reduction-but at a price” stipulates that he wants Obama to terminate negotiations with Russia and thus, invite the Russians to build more missiles and watch the Russians drive themselves into bankruptcy as happened during the Cold War. In effect, he would plant the seeds for war by encouraging a policy which resulted in Russia building more missiles. It is totally insane for him to suggest that even more missiles be added to the nuclear arsenal of Russia or any other nation such as the United States.
Krauthammer has the mind of the German High Command from 1932 till 1945 where the warmongers of that time needed more weapons to prepare for war but ended up destroying themselves. His advocacy of more militarism on the planet instead of the peaceful plans of Obama would make the whole planet a pile of rubble when nuclear weapons bounce off their targets. The short run idea of his would cost humanity a higher price in the long run.
Raymond Daugerdas,
Pittsburgh PA

Honduran coup not ‘glorious’
The following is a copy of the letter to the editor sent to the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Former Honduran Justice Minister Carlos Pivel argues that the military coup against the Honduran people was a “Glorious Revolution” (On a Path to Dictatorship, July 5, Philadelphia Inquirer). Pivel gave as the pretext the invention that Zelaya “contemplated running for a second term. A true picture of the coup was given by rally participant Alejandra Fernandez, a university student. Ms. Fernandez explained to a journalist, that Zelaya “raised the minimum wage, gave out free school lunches, provided milk for babies and pensions for the elderly, distributed energy-saving light bulbs, decreased the price of public transportation and made scholarships available for students. That’s why the elites can’t stand him and why we want him back.”
Lou Incognito,
Philadelphia PA

Health care for all
Senator Max Baucus is going around Montana about health care. The people of Montana are demanding single payer, national health care, Medicare for all, no one out everybody in. But you know what Baucus is saying to the people of Montana? Congress will not pass single payer national health care for the people. What he really means is Senator Max Baucus was going to different cities in Montana and telling the people that Congress and Senator Max Baucus have completely sold out to thieving capitalist health insurance corporations that profit from the sickness of Montana’s people. Senator Max Baucus doesn’t belong to the people of Montana but to the health insurance industry, he is trying to guarantee profits for the health care industry instead of health care for all of the people of Montana.
Daniel Gawain Waters
Troy MT

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