‘Right to work’ scam

I sent this letter to the Oakland (Mich.) Press:

The far-right is on the move again. These are people with heavy pockets and bulging bank accounts. And, by gosh, they are never satisfied with all the gold and glitter, and want to add to their misbegotten fortunes by further exploitation of the American working family.

So, lo and behold, they are trying to collect enough signatures to place the proposal for the “right to work” on the November ballot in Michigan.

If there ever existed a misnamed, deceptive and fraudulent proposal, this is it. It is a lie, a false statement deliberately presented as being true, and a total hoax. It is first and foremost an attempt of the far-right to destroy the unions and the labor movement and everything that the working population has achieved in over a century of struggle.

What is the “right to work?” Do these fat cats guarantee everybody a job? The answer is a resounding no.

Does it mean that they will have the right to work you for less? The answer is yes.

When these fat cats’ foot soldiers come soliciting your signatures to put this question on the November ballot, please ignore them.

Saib Shunia
White Lake MI

Photos of Sam Kushner

I was a close friend and associate of Cesar Chavez from 1963 to 1973. In my retirement years, I am the founder/director of a website dedicated to Chavez and his farmworker movement from 1962 -1993 at .

I wish to include photos of Sam Kushner. The site already contains his book, “The Long Road To Delano,” and a Kushner interview with Chavez entitled “Cesar Chavez: Pacifica Radio Archives.”

I came to know Sam when he visited Delano to cover the Delano grape strike and invariably, as a good working reporter, he had a camera slung around his neck. It is these photos that I am looking for.. The web site already contains more than 7,000 farmworker movement-related photos but, in my view, it is still incomplete without the photos of Sam Kushner.

Can you help me by casting a net far and wide among Sam’s many friends and colleagues? If you uncover other photographers who have movement photos, of course I would be interested in publishing those as well. (This is not a commercial venture, but solely for historical educational purposes, and for my part, it is a labor of love — a tribute to the dedication and commitment of Cesar Chavez and his movement volunteers, and I include Kushner in that category.)

Contact me at or at 5131 Pleasant Drive, Sacramento CA 95822.

LeRoy Chatfield
Sacramento CA


I found it troubling when reading articles by John Wojcik and Jose A. Cruz (PWW 1/12-18) that there was only a brief mention of Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich is the Democratic candidate for workers, not Clinton or Edwards or Obama. My question is why the People’s Weekly World wouldn’t cover the candidate that is actually out campaigning for what your organization is campaigning for? I feel like credibility is lost when Kucinich and his policies are excluded in any coverage of the election.

Ben Schreiner
Eugene OR

$201,000 – Thank you!

We finally have all the numbers tallied: the 2007 PWW Fund Drive went $1,000 over its goal of $200,000 — the most we’ve raised in years. And more money is coming in, giving us a few thousand dollars to jumpstart the 2008 drive.

States that had not met their goal in years, like New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Maine, made a big turnaround this year, bringing in 108, 145 and 210 percent of their goals respectively. Most states met or exceeded their goals, and of those that didn’t, many hit more than 90 percent.

Next we can finish our drive for 1,000 new subscribers by Jan. 31. We are already more than halfway there.

You made sure the PWW remained financially viable because you know its value in the struggle for peace, democracy, equality and socialism. Help us make sure that at least 500 more people read it every week in 2008. Consider getting a friend to subscribe, or buying them a subscription!

This is a year that may go down in history as the time when the American people beat back the ultra right, and that is more likely with each new reader of the PWW.

In solidarity,
Teresa Albano

P.S.: All donors should have received Thank You notes and gifts by now—if you have not, please e-mail subs@pww.org.