Los Angeles climate change action: “Our planet, our health!”

LOS ANGELES – While the eyes of the world are on Paris, for the global climate summit hundreds of thousands of people are hitting the streets in cities throughout the world calling for a 100 percent clean energy and to protect the future of our world on this day of worldwide climate change action.

In Los Angeles on Sunday, Nov. 29, hundreds of activists, environmentalists, union members and community groups staged an unprecedented march and rally as part of worldwide global climate actions. A large group of climate activists and supporters gathered in downtown Los Angeles in front of Los Angeles City Hall where a highly spirited rally and march took place.

The event was organized in Los Angeles by SoCal 350 with the intent of bringing attention to the for a lower carbon sustainable future. This worldwide action is intended to send a message to world leaders during Paris climate summit now taking place. It is part of the activities involving over 2,000 marches in some 175 countries.

Becky Tolly attended her first climate change march. In her opinion Los Angeles is the ideal place to hold a climate change march and rally. “We need to find a solution to reducing pollution,” she said “and Los Angeles is the place to make a great statement on climate change and to be part of this worldwide climate change action.”

At a U.S-China climate meeting in Los Angeles in September, Los Angeles Major Eric Garcetti said, “Cities are the primary source of greenhouse gas emissions and are on the frontlines of battling the extreme weather caused by climate change.”

The Paris gathering aims are to get nations to submit their national climate change plans outlining how they plan to transition toward a low carbon, highly resilient future in order to keep a global temperature rise under 2 degrees Celcius. The big questions are whether the industrialized countries will embrace renewable technologies and whether corporations will act responsibly.

Another huge climate change rally is schedule in downtown Los Angeles Thursday, December 3. Convergence for Climate Action, as it is called, is demanding a meaningful international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and to create a sustainable energy future that puts human need over corporate greed.

Photo: SoCal 350 Climate Action Facebook.




David Trujillo
David Trujillo

David Trujillo is a member of the National Writers Union, a playwright, writer, and community activist. David Trujillo es miembro de la Unión Nacional de Escritores, dramaturgo, escritor y activista comunitario.