What do Strongsville, Ohio; Pleasanton, California; Jefferson City, Missouri; and the Bronx, NY have in common? All were the setting for stories featured in the peoplesworld.org last week.

The cities and towns mentioned above were the scene of grassroots actions, of ordinary people doing something about the issues that matter: health care, immigrant rights, jobs, union rights, and more.

At peoplesworld.org you can read about labor unionists picketing banks in Seattle and marching for a fair contract in Detroit. You’ll find out that in Illinois, women are protesting state budget cuts and youth are rallying for immigration reform and protesting the elimination of junior varsity sports.

You’ll learn that Texas is not just the place that gave us George Bush and Tom Delay – it’s also the place where activists hold public hearings and rallies on the jobs crisis, and Black History month is celebrated by the Dallas Peace Center.

The peoplesworld.org is committed to publishing those kinds of articles, which makes it rather unique in the crowded world of progressive online sites.

That alone should convince you to make peoplesworld.org your home page.

But there’s another reason, having to do with the quality of the analysis and commentary you’ll find there. Of course, there are other sources for political agitation and good old muckraking — Truthout, firedoglake, alternet, The Nation, Huffington Post – all of these have voluminous amounts of political commentary. They have good writers and a lot of useful information.

But, to paraphrase Forrest Gump, “analysis is as analysis does.” In other words, all analysis isn’t equally valuable. For activists, a big question is, where does it lead? What conclusions do you draw that have meaning in day-to-day life?

Another great philosopher, Karl Marx, said, “Philosophers have interpreted the world, the point, however, is to change it.”

What the peoplesworld.org has that these other sources do not is a potent combination, of ideas that lead to action, of action that inspires and leads to change. Information overload can lead to inaction, and it’s easy to get cynical in this ugly world where progress is slow and the wrongs seem to outnumber the rights a lot of the time.

To counter that, you need hope. And that’s what you’ll find in the peoplesworld.org

As I said, make it your home page, your wake up call – it will get you going, and keep you going.