WORCESTER, Mass. – The Massachusetts Senior Action Council held its convention here Oct. 12 with 300 senior activists coming from around the state.

‘Yes to social and political activism; no to war’ was the theme of the convention. Among the resolutions passed were those endorsing single-payer health care for all, paid family leave and indexing the minimum wage (both Massachusetts voter initiatives), opposition to any privatization of Social Security, removal of the cap on payroll contributions to Social Security and an end to racial profiling.

Isaac Ben Ezra, the new statewide membership coordinator, appealed in his written bid for office: ‘As America’s resources, human and financial, are put to the test, I ponder what is an appropriate response [to Sept. 11]. At this moment of national mourning, can we find justice without immersing thousands of civilian innocents in smothering tombs reminiscent of the Twin Towers monument to madness? Sept. 11 established that military might alone cannot secure the peace. If there is to be a future, we will have to find another way to peace.’

State Senator Mark Montigny, in his keynote speech, urged continued political activism and ‘to let the legislators know that in a period of budget cuts, shortfalls and constraints, not all cuts are equal’ and that programs that promote the ‘general welfare’ need to be maintained and expanded.