Original source: The non-profit Media Matters for America has earned a nationwide reputation for tracking media integrity on a variety of issues, earning the wrath of Rush Limbaugh and others along the way. Now it will apply its same scrutiny of reporters, pundits and self-proclaimed “experts” on cable talk shows to determine how they portray unions, wages and the Employee Free Choice Act.

The organization’s newly launched American Workforce and Labor project is aimed at cutting through dishonest or misinformed spin and getting out the facts about the critical economic issues facing the country.

As Media Matters notes at this new website, the mission in creating an American Workforce and Labor project is critical:

Americans everywhere are feeling the effects of a towering unemployment rate, inequity in pay, and myriad other issues. As Congress and the administration work to lift our country out of the recession and achieve workplace equality, Media Matters for America is holding the media accountable for their coverage of these vital issues.

Media Matters is well-positioned to keep a close eye on whether key media figures have their facts straight or whether they’re repeating misleading spin from corporate front groups.

Check out the American Workforce and Labor project—a valuable tool to correct the record and cut through corporate talking points.