More AFL-CIO Convention coverage here than anywhere else

Many of our hardest working union sisters and brothers, along with many friends and allies, just completed the most important AFL-CIO convention in history.

And People’s World reporters were on the scene! We had a great team in Los Angeles reporting on the many facets of the convention: John Wojcik, Blake Deppe, Rossana Cambron, Eric A. Gordon, Juan Lopez, and our great colleague from PAI, Mark Gruenberg.

Here is a list of People’s World articles and videos through September 13 so you can be sure you didn’t miss any of the significant developments.

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Articles from by John Wojcik, Blake Deppe, Eric A. Gordon, Juan Lopez and Mark Gruenberg:

AFL-CIO demands end to anti-gay job discrimination

Labor Secretary Perez vows to grow middle class, “so help me God”

Labor opens house to all U.S. workers

In bold resolution, AFL-CIO calls for labor law overhaul

Iraqi union leader: “War not over for our workers”

Labor’s house opens door wide: Let’s work together

Firefighters union leads somber 9/11 commemoration

AFL-CIO warns Congress on immigration: no back burner

Ethiopian immigrant Tefere Gebre shakes up labor organizing

Trumka urges “culture shift” to build “real working class movement”

As matter of survival, unions double down on diversity

Durazo: Labor must fight for all who work

Social media and labor: a perfect, and necessary, match

Domestic workers come out of shadows, into labor movement

Elizabeth Warren at AFL-CIO meet: “If we don’t fight, we don’t win”

Labor takes a look behind kitchen door

Young workers are hot topic at labor journalists meet

AFL-CIO blasts big business prison profiteers

How to build our union movement: Ideas from LA

“Mr. Clean” gives guest workers a dirty deal

AFL-CIO crafts compromise to prevent dumping of health care law

AFL-CIO to unite with allies for job safety

Videos by Rossana Cambron from People’s World YouTube channel:

Hareth Andrade-Ayala, Immigration Activist re-recites her poem “America”

Jamaican guest worker speaks to the gathering of Jobs With Justice social at the AFL-CIO convention

Clip of the press conference where Resolution 5 at the AFL-CIO 2013 convention, which welcomes all workers, including LGBTQ to their ranks

Clip of the press conference at the AFL-CIO convention to push for dignified immigration reform

AFL-CIO opens itself up to non-union working people. Here Richard Trumka calls up non union workers whom the unions have helped in their struggles

Taxi Workers Alliance driver gives his thoughts on the Building a Diverse Movement for Shared Prosperity held prior to the start of the AFL-CIO convention in Los Angeles 2013

Richard Trumka addresses the press prior to the opening of the 2013 National AFL-CIO convention in Los Angeles

Photo: AFL-CIO convention


Special to People’s World
Special to People’s World

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