Music reviews

My Favorite Distraction

Coral Egan (Justin Time, 2004)

“My Favorite Distraction” is another strong effort by Canadian singer Coral Egan. Like her previous release, “Path of Least Resistance,” this talented performer displays a wide musical repertoire. Egan’s “I Don’t Think So” pays homage to Southern blues while “My Favorite Distraction” is dance, edged funk. “Lullaby Life” is a beautiful ambient edged tune. Egan, no flash in the pan, produces enduring music.


Angel Parra, et. al. (Last Call, 2003)

This CD pays homage to the great former socialist president of Chile, Salvador Allende, who died defending his government from a U.S.-backed military coup on Sept. 11, 1973. Angel Parra and other artists perform various well-crafted troba songs honoring Allende. Recordings of Allende’s radio speeches that he made on the day of the coup, including his last words, are sprinkled between the songs.


World Saxophone Quartet (Justin Time, 2004)

This is no ordinary jazz release. The World Saxophone Quartet has produced a CD of Jimi Hendrix covers with no vocals or electric guitars, just saxophones, trombone, violin, bass guitar and drums. Despite the differences between jazz and rock, the Saxophone Quartet captures the power and energy of Hendrix’s music.

– Tim Pelzer (