One month into the national PWW Fund Drive, two recent events in the greater New York area have brought in contributions in memory of long-time Party activist Sid Taylor. A group of local peace and justice activists gathered Sunday morning at a People’s Weekly World Forum in the Bronx. There was a lively discussion on preventing a U.S. attack on Iraq and the upcoming elections. A collection netted $90 for the paper’s fund drive.

On Sept. 29, the Harlem /Heights Friends of the People’s Weekly World held a forum in Upper Manhattan entitled, “What’s at stake in the 2002 Elections; Defeating the Bush agenda.” Speakers were Jarvis Tyner, executive vice chair of the Communist Party USA, and Ydonis Rodriquez, a leader in the Washington Heights community and former candidate for New York City Council.

Both speakers pointed out the grave danger of war in Iraq and the impact of the growing economic crisis on Upper Manhattan. They emphasized the need to build a broad multi-racial electoral coalition that can bring out a large anti-Bush vote on Nov. 5.

There was a collection of $75 that was given to the PWW fund drive in honor of Sid Taylor, an outstanding national leader of the Communist Party USA, who recently passed away.

The Harlem/Heights club, which has almost completed its PWW fund drive, called on others around the country to make similar contributions “in memory of the great Sid Taylor.”

Both of these events bring New York closer to its goal of $35,000. Nationally, the drive is at 45 percent of its $200,000 goal.