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A new report on health care coverage over the last 15 months by the Center for American Progress shows that rapid increases in unemployment have increased the number of uninsured Americans.

Nearly 60 percent of Americans get health care through their employers. However, employers have cut 5.1 million jobs since the recession started and the report estimates that in that time 2.3 million people have lost their health insurance.

The report states that the highest number of losses occurred during the first four months of 2009, with over 1 million workers losing health care coverage – about 42 percent of the total losses since 2007.

These numbers only include those Americans who receive employer-provided insurance and doesn’t reflect the number of families that have indirectly lost health coverage due to spouses or parents losing their jobs.

The report calls on the Obama administration to work on comprehensive health care reform now so that every American can have access to quality health care.