New website spotlights Jeb Bush policies identical to W’s

WASHINGTON – As former Gov. Jeb Bush officially joins the ranks of Koch-money chasing Republican presidential candidates today, progressive advocacy group Americans United for Change launched – a mock-campaign website that drives home how despite his claims to be his ‘own man’, Jeb’s trickle-down, neo-con policies and cabal of advisors are virtually indistinguishable from his brother’s.

It’s the campaign website Jeb probably wishes he could launch if it weren’t for intraparty naysayers like Tom Coburn who would prefer any name but another Bush’s on the ballot. With the tagline “Same policies. Same advisors. Same Bush,” the site is backed today with Twitter and Facebook ads and will be regularly updated with new videos and quotes from Jeb himself showing why a Jeb presidency would be nothing more than a third term for George W. Bush.

Forget the family resemblance, it’s the resemblance in extreme policies that is truly uncanny. Like George W. Bush who tried to privatize Social Security, Jeb wants to slash benefits more directly by raising the retirement age up to 70.

Like W. who marched the nation into a needless, costly, and bloody war in Iraq, Jeb’s knee-jerk first response to a question about Iraq was that he’d have done exact same thing, as he continues to dismiss diplomacy and rattle the saber against Iran.

Like W., who let Big Oil write his environmental policy, Jeb derides voters as “arrogant” if they believe the 97 percent of the scientific community that climate change is real and man-made.

Like W., who ran wild with trickle-down policies that led to the Great Recession, Jeb never met a tax break for millionaires and outsourcers he didn’t like.

At the same time he opposes Medicaid expansion and wants to nix the federal minimum wage altogether. And like brother, like brother; in 2015, Jeb still unapologetically opposes same-sex marriage. Jeb has always shown he’s much more the impressionable little brother than his ‘own man.’

W. and Jeb: same last name, same failed policies

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Jeremy Funk, Americans United for Change, sent the above story to People’s World.