The largest group of readers of the People’s Weekly World resides in the Empire State. Each year, New Yorkers take the responsibility to raise the largest amount of money for our reader-powered press. Elena Mora, New York State Communist Party chairperson, took the lead in helping to raise over $34,000 from readers and supporters. As of Feb. 2 these friends of the PWW were closing in on their $35,000 goal.

The fund drive ended on Jan. 29 with the PWW raising close to $155,000, 78 percent of our $200,00 goal. Readers from 16 areas overfulfilled their goals. Illinois topped the list with $20,700, more than $7,000 over its goal. Washington State and Northern California readers raised over $15,000 each, also over-fulfilling their pledges. Supporters from Connecticut raised $10,250, exceeding their state’s $10,000 goal.

Across the nation, in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Missouri/Kansas, New Mexico, Northern Minnesota/North Dakota, Texas and Vermont the hard work of groups of readers led to the successful fulfillment of these states’ fund drive goals. Two areas, Oregon and Southern Minnesota/South Dakota, have pledged to complete their goals in the next two weeks.

Many thanks go out to all the contributors to our annual fund drive and to all our readers who appealed to others to give to the working class press. As the battles sharpen against the Bush and corporate agenda, the necessity of a newspaper like the PWW becomes more and more obvious.

This fund drive is over, but the need for contributions to the People’s Weekly World is year-round. When looking at your 2005 personal budget, please consider setting aside 1 percent of your net yearly income to give to the PWW. If you would like to become a regular sustainer through your credit card — call Dan

Margolis at (646) 437-5363.

On behalf of the editorial board, staff, volunteers and readers, thanks to all fund drive contributors.