NEW YORK – After a day of demonstrating in Bryant Park for the abolition of all nuclear weapons, nearly 200 people packed Winston Unity Hall in Manhattan for a dinner and party in celebration of May Day, the international holiday of working people. Kate Hudson, chair of Britain’s Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, was the keynote speaker.

Hudson spoke on the increasing threat to humanity that nuclear weapons, and especially the nuclear policies of the Bush administration, pose to the continued existence of life on our planet. She said there is a dire need to keep and build unity both within and outside of the traditional antiwar and anti-nuclear movements. (Editor’s note: An exclusive interview with Hudson will appear in a forthcoming issue of the PWW.)

The event drew people from all over New York City, its suburbs, New Jersey, and as far away as Philadelphia. Attendees included members of the Working Families Party, United For Peace and Justice, TWU Local 100, and many other groups.

Elena Mora, chair of the New York State Communist Party, spoke about the continuing need for a strong Communist Party, and implored everyone who was not a member to join. “What better time to join than right now,” she said, “on May Day!”

The event, which was co-sponsored by the NYCP, the Young Communist League, and People’s Weekly World newspaper, also helped raise funds for the CPUSA’s annual fund drive, and resulted in the N.Y. Party surpassing the halfway mark toward its fundraising goal.

“Over the more than 80 years of its existence, the Communist Party has been involved in, and oftentimes led the struggles for peace and democracy,” said longtime Party veteran Pat Barile. “But the Party needs money to do its work, to reach out to new members, to print more papers – that’s why I implore you to give as much as you can, to your party.”

There is still time to contribute to the CPUSA fund drive, which continues until May 31.

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