¡Ya basta!
Stop killing my people
The Kapitalist Guerra kills them every day
Los usa, los engaña, les miente, los mata
Este Kapitalismo tirano que no tiene compasión
Ya basta!
Stop squashing my people, mi Raza
Esta Guerra los Explota, les Roba, los destruye
Esta Guerra makes money only for the few,
Those that start, but do not fight in it
Money, money, is what la Guerra Devora
Kapitalist Guerra Does not care about its people
¡Le vale madre! It eats its own people
Guerra keeps people ignorant

¡Ya basta!
La Revolución, grita fuerte
La Revolution, comes to make a change,
In our social problems, nos da una luz
La Revolución, is our hope, la única
defensa de la
Por la Revolución yo muero,
Because I would die for my rights and not for dinero!
The Revolution cares about its people,
Because people son la Revolución.
Revolution does not oppress its people,
Does not lie to them, doesn’t kill them.
La Guerra fears La Revolución
La Guerra knows that La Revolución
always seeks truth,
Finds truth and speaks the truth
That is why brothers and sisters we must sing
Live together and if necessary die together
Ya basta!
Que viva La Revolucion!