Sometimes we need to hear a little good news. So often all we hear and read about is bad news – things that bring you down, make you doubt yourself or your neighbor – heck, things that make you doubt humanity. After skimming your local paper or listening to the evening news, admit it: don’t you just shake your head? Some people have given up reading newspapers or watching the news altogether since it can be so depressing.

Well, this newspaper often reports on issues that may be so serious and overwhelming in scope that they could bring you down, but because we try to show not only the problems but also the struggles for change and progress, our reporting adds hope. There’s nothing more inspiring than to see people standing up for what’s right, putting themselves out there – taking a risk, a chance, not turning and running, but standing and fighting.

This newspaper often brings you struggles of ordinary people engaged in heroic battles. Many of the battles don’t turn out how we’d like them to. Or some are in progress, yet to be decided. But there are some victories. And when they come, they are sweet. Here are two recent victories:

We ran a box reporting that an international performing arts center called the HotHouse was suddenly closed down by the city of Chicago. The shutdown threatened to put the center out of business. But after a lot of hard work from HotHouse staff, friends and supporters, the city dropped its charges and the HotHouse has re-opened its doors! PWW readers can be proud that you responded to the call for support. You can see the center’s new schedule of events at

The other piece of good news comes from Minnesota’s Iron Range. We ran a story about a threatened home foreclosure related to a case of predatory lending. The story’s protagonists, Janet Johnson and her family, won the battle and came to a reasonable settlement, avoiding the foreclosure. Johnson and her supporters sent out a big thank-you to all who helped in the struggle.

Two small stories, two small victories. It’s refreshing to hear a little good news.