Ohio students form state association

COLUMBUS, Ohio – In late January, students from across Ohio gathered here for a weekend to form a statewide organization.  Despite an untimely snowstorm that kept many from attending, about 100 Ohio college students participated. Between meeting new friends, eating delicious pizza, and talking about politics, we actually got a whole lot done.

We formed a number of committees, agreed on a plan to make March 1 a national day of action for education and set up a statewide network.  On Saturday morning, we wiped the snow off our shoes, hung up our coats and sat down to hammer out details. It wasn’t easy, yet, Sunday when we left after a short rally, we were the Ohio Student Association!  We had formed a union for Ohio students!

From our numerous discussions, it became clear that the issues students face are tied to the corporate power structure that runs our state and that we cannot build student power without working together across the state, as well as forming coalitions with others with similar problems. Our main goals include more democracy in our university settings and taking on the outrageous costs of education for ordinary families.

The Ohio Student Association came about because a group of passionate students decided that they were tired of searching for individual solutions for collective problems. It was difficult at times, but mostly it was just really exciting. Organize your campus. Build coalitions, and work together. Talk about what unites you rather than what divides you.

You can contact OSA at its website.

Photo: vasenka // CC 2.0