On the eve of change, your help is needed

Dear Readers,

Who would have thunk it? After George W. Bush won reelection in 2004, who would have thought that such a potential political earthquake would be taking place in two years? The tectonic plates are shifting against the Bush administration and its agenda. Issues that burn deeply in the furnaces of public opinion are Iraq, Katrina, the economy and health care, checks and balances of the government.

In her Jan. 7 article, “A resolution for 2006: Take back Congress,” Communist Party leader Joelle Fishman wrote, “The battle for the House and Senate looms large with the arrival of the new year, as opposition mounts to the Bush administration agenda. While some pundits give only a small chance for Democrats to regain control of Congress in November’s elections, the shifting mood in the country predicts otherwise.” How right she was!

Since then the People’s Weekly World has covered the developing electoral battle for Congress every week.

And now the country is less than two weeks away from perhaps the most historic midterm elections in decades. At stake are the future of the country and the lives of our vast majority of working families of all races, religions, nationalities and make-up. In balance hang the prospects of peace in the Middle East, on the Korean peninsula and elsewhere in the world. Opinion polls won’t mean a thing if they don’t translate to votes.

Imagine waking up on Nov. 8 to see the same pro-Bush Republicans running the Congress and realizing that you didn’t do your part to not only vote, but bring others to vote and protect the ballots cast.

Unions, civil rights organizations, women’s groups — just to name a few — are doing door-to-door canvassing for candidates, election protection work and phone-banking to guarantee a new Congress is elected that will stand up to the Bush administration onslaught on democracy, security and global citizenship. If you aren’t already involved, I hope every reader of the PWW and Nuestro Mundo gets involved in the next week and on Election Day in this historic political struggle to “Take Back Congress” from Bush’s ultra-right Republican and corporate control.

The stakes are high, but with united effort history can be made.

In solidarity,

Terrie Albano