When Mr. Bush gave the State of the Union address, he spoke of Iraq as a country which Americans are really proud of, because they voted Jan. 30 — although we well know it is a very immoral situation.

Bush, as always, contradicted himself, telling people that the U.S didn’t want to impose a system on the Iraqi population. Who can understand this man? He keeps saying that Iraq can demonstrate that it can be free, but he never mentions when the troops will be pulled out.

Bush says that when Iraq is ready to defend itself against its enemies, then the troops will leave.

Who can say when Iraq will be able to defend itself? And which enemies is he talking about — terrorists or occupying governments?

Another thing that comes to mind is Bush’s lack of support for education and health care, which impacts primarily minorities. Latinos are one of the most vulnerable groups. More than 13 million Latino people have no health insurance. Many young people drop out of school. Nowadays it is very difficult to have access to college. But Bush is asking Congress for more and more money to continue his occupation in Iraq.

Our family became very upset when Bush used the parents of a brave soldier from Texas. According to Bush, this family represented more than 1,400 military families that are OK with the death of their sons and daughters in this occupation.

In fact, more than 2,000 families are daily on the streets, visiting offices of congressmen, asking for the end of this occupation and the immediate return of our troops. We wonder why Bush didn’t invite all the families. Is he afraid of what they would say?

He gave us a very hopeless message. Syria and Iran are next on his list — they will be attacked to further combat terrorism. Yes, this is what we can expect in the next four years: more wars, destruction of the social system, less opportunities for education and no medical help for the working class.

As lovers of peace and justice, we should unite our voices, our hearts, and scream and complain. We should ask Congress to put a stop to the destructive politics of Mr. Bush.

For a generation of peace and love! God bless you.

Familia Suárez del Solar
Parents of “Guerrero Azteca (Aztec Warrior)” Jesús Alberto Suárez del Solar Navarro, Lance Cpl., USMC, killed in Iraq, March 27, 2003. For more information, see www.guerreroazteca.org.