A statement initiated by the Tudeh Party of Iran and joined by 62 left, Communist and workers parties around the world warns that U.S. policy toward Iran is part of Washington’s drive to control the Middle East politically, economically and militarily, and pledges solidarity with the popular movement for freedom and democracy in Iran.

The statement expresses concern about the “recent aggressive and irresponsible statements of the U.S. administration threatening military attacks against Iran.” It points out that “any military offensive, full scale or limited, by the USA or Israel against any installation, nuclear, militarily or politically strategic, will be an utter disaster for the cause of human rights and democracy and for those campaigning for a democratic alternative in Iran.”

Future military attacks against Iran or any other Middle Eastern country would be a “further major blow against world peace” and a serious setback for the struggle by peoples of the region to win human rights, democracy and progress, the parties said.

Besides the Communist Party USA, among parties joining the statement are the CPs of Bangladesh, Brazil, Britain, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Portugal, Syria, Venezuela, Vietnam, People’s Party of Palestine, South African CP, and many others.