After the record-breaking fund drive of National Public Radio, it is clear people want to hear the stories from the alternative media. The alternatative media reports the stories censored by the corporate media.

The People’s Weekly World is part of the alternative media, yet with our own history and editorial line. We put a working class spin on news developments. We discuss the seeds of radical thinking as it developes in the mainstream.

The People’s Weekly World gives voice to the labor and people’s movements who will be at the heart of basic social change. We also present the news and views of the Communist Party and Young Communist League: a highly censored story in the corporate media!

That’s why the People’s Weekly World exists. And why you, dear readers, must dig deep and give to this year’s fund drive.

Last week The New York Times carried a story about the limited coverage of diverse views in the media since Sept 11. Some interviewed said there aren’t many to cover. The author editorialized that those who are available for interviews are either “loopy or treasonous.”

Well, since Sept. 11 the People’s Weekly World has had at least four reporters and contributors writing on deadline, analyzing the news developments, editorializng to lift the fighting capacity of the peace, economic and civil liberties movements to beat back the right-wing agenda.

We have a new beefed up editorial board. We’ve launched our new online edition at We have stories flowing in from those devastated by the events of Sept. 11 and trying to make sense out of the Bush war and civil liberties-bashing madness machine.

We’ve shifted our gears and now we are calling on you to do the same!

We hope you agree that we have been kicking up the quality of the paper, but we have to ask. Is it enough to inspire our readers to help finish the fund drive? We hope so!