POETRY: the oligarchs (a short list)
'Capitalists of the world, unite!' / Soviet poster, 1920s.

greed rules
any nationality
any size
white and male

created by theft
Balzac tells all
“behind every great
fortune is a great crime”

the Rusky oligarchs
begat 1991
socialism falls
free market time
everything is up for grabs
eight-million square miles
minerals, oil, gas, steel, health care
wheat and land
kopeks on the ruble
capitalism on the move

USA style
not oligarchs here
not crony-capitalists
not robber barons
not fat-cat tycoons
call ’em entrepreneurs
call ’em philanthropists
call ’em free-market democrats
never mention wage-slave
never mention tax exemption
their wealth earned
the old fashioned way

the kingdom oligarchs
called kings and princes
born to rule
born on top
of 350 billion year old
carboniferous ferns

all believe
great wealth equals great people
money can do no wrong
they are god’s chosen
their shit don’t stink

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Tom Karlson
Tom Karlson

Tom Karlson has been writing for forty years, about class war, the human condition, especially the contradictions in our upside-down world. A brother, father, grandfather, husband, and friend, Karlson says poetry and song are his weapons in the fight against injustice. He sings with the NYC Labor Chorus.