We’re excited to announce that People’s Weekly World Managing Editor Mark Almberg will travel to Porto Alegre, Brazil, to provide first-hand coverage of the fifth World Social Forum, Jan. 26-31.

The WSF is a gathering place of the international movement against corporate globalization and war. Since the first forum in 2001, attendance has mushroomed. This year, some 100,000 participants from more than 100 countries, representing thousands of peace, labor, environmental and social justice organizations and movements, are expected to attend, including a big U.S. contingent. Under the banner “Another world is possible,” in more than 2,000 seminars, conferences, marches and other events, they will exchange experiences and discuss ways to build worldwide movements for peace and justice.

At the 2004 WSF closing ceremony in Mumbai, India, the former president of India K.R. Narayanan hailed the WSF’s “struggle against imperialism and globalization … against the power of corporations and militarism.”

We feel it’s vital for our paper to cover this world event “live.” In addition to sending back reports and photos from Porto Alegre, Mark hopes to learn more about progressive movements in other countries and develop new contacts to help expand our coverage of world affairs.

If you look at our new nameplate on page 1, you’ll see the globe in our name. Count that as a symbol of our commitment to journalism that takes sides on behalf of the people of the world, struggling for peace, equality, and a secure and healthy environment for their families and communities.

Many of our readers tell us the PWW is “essential reading.” We feel more strongly than ever that more people need to read our paper. We start this new year with a new “look” that we hope you’ll find more lively and readable. We hope you’ll be inspired to get your fellow activists, co-workers and friends to subscribe, and, if you’re not a subscriber, to take out a sub yourself!

Providing unique on-the-scene reporting has a price tag. — to send Mark to the World Social Forum, the airfare alone is $950. Bringing you this paper costs about $1 million a year on a tight budget. We’re just over the halfway mark in this year’s fund drive. Won’t you dig deep and help the PWW cover the globe?

You can do it at our web site, www.pww.org, or by sending a check to PWW, 235 W. 23 St., New York NY 10011.



Susan Webb
Susan Webb

Susan Webb is a retired co-editor of People's World. She has written on a range of topics both international - the Iraq war, World Social Forums in Brazil and India, the Israel-Palestinian conflict and controversy over the U.S. role in Okinawa - and domestic - including the meaning of socialism for Americans, attacks on Planned Parenthood, the U.S. as top weapons merchant, and more.