PW in the streets: Urgent issues for the next president

Super Tuesday has come and gone, but the primaries are still well under way, as the country’s eyes and ears are tuned in to find out which candidate will get their party’s nomination to run for president of the United States. 

Many issues are being addressed on the various campaign trails, but which topics are the most important to voters? 

People’s World took it to the streets to ask the public: What are the top three issues the next president should address once they take office? 

Here’s what the people had to say:

Photo: Video snapshot

Video contributors: Chauncey K. Robinson, Teresa Albano, Michelle Zacarias/PW


Chauncey K. Robinson
Chauncey K. Robinson

Chauncey K. Robinson believes that writing and media, in any capacity, should help to reflect the world around us, and be tools to help bring about progressive change. Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, she has a strong belief in people power and strength. She is the Social Media Editor for People's World, along with being a journalist for the award winning publication. She’s a self professed geek and lover of pop culture. Chauncey seeks to make sure topics that affect working class people, peoples of color, and women are constantly in the spotlight and part of the discussion.