PW Podcast: Anti-communism, punching left, and Trump’s frivolous lawsuits
In this episode, Beyond the Page looks at how anti-communist ploys by the GOP affected the vote in Florida and whether Trump's avalanche of lawsuits, led by his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, are going to go anywhere.

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Although Election Day, Nov. 3, has come and gone, the nation is still dealing with the aftermath of a historic voter turnout. A majority of voters picked the Biden/Harris ticket, but that hasn’t stopped Republican leaders from joining outgoing President Donald Trump’s dangerous game of refusing to recognize the results. We must also contend with questions about what certain patterns of voting by some segments of the U.S. population mean in terms of unity and the road forward.

This episode of Beyond the Page is diving into the anti-communism that influenced some voters, the response to a more progressive road forward, and whether Trump’s flurry of lawsuits has any bite to change the election outcome.

C.J. Atkins, managing editor of People’s World, explains the history of anti-communism in Florida and Cuba-U.S. relations. Atkins dives deeper into his article, “Trump’s anti-communism helped him win Florida,” along with discussing the growing progressive wave in the Democratic Party and the benefits this could have for working people.

In the second half of our episode, People’s World associate editor Al Neal gives us the 411 on Trump’s lawsuits and whether working people have anything to worry about when it comes to the GOP’s obvious soft coup attempt to overturn the democratic process. Neal will expound on his article, “The frivolous lawsuits of a sore loser,” while detailing what people can do to defend the vote now and in the future.

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Chauncey K. Robinson
Chauncey K. Robinson

Chauncey K. Robinson is an award winning journalist and film critic. Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, she has a strong love for storytelling and history. She believes narrative greatly influences the way we see the world, which is why she's all about dissecting and analyzing stories and culture to help inform and empower the people.

Matt Bernico
Matt Bernico

Matt Bernico is an independent researcher, journalist, and organizer in the Fight for $15. He has a Ph.D. in Media Communication from the European Graduate School. His primary research interests are at the intersections of religion, politics, and technology. You can hear more from him on the podcasts he co-hosts, "The Magnificast" and "Beyond the Page."