JERSEY CITY, N.J. – The Jersey City Friends of the People’s Weekly World sponsored a forum and fundraiser March 5, at which Tim Wheeler, PWW editor, spoke about his ongoing coverage of the Enron scandal.

Wheeler, who had just returned from Texas, described his meeting with officials of the Texas AFL-CIO who have been trying to help the 4,000 Enron workers who found themselves without jobs, health insurance or pensions when Enron went bankrupt.

Wheeler spoke about recently released letters between Lay and President George Bush that document their close political relationship. Lay sought Bush’s help in deregulating energy, securing business abroad and gaining other government favors.

Wheeler said that the Enron scandal was “resonating through the system,” putting “privatizers” on the defensive and raising pubic interest in nationalizing energy.

The audience at Old Bergen Church consisted of many activists in the newly formed Hudson County Coalition for Peace and Justice. The Coalition has organized two teach-ins at St. Peter’s College and has held several vigils and demonstrations against the so-called war on terrorism and on behalf of the rights of Arabs and Muslims held, anonymously and without charges, in Hudson County.