CHICAGO – Plans are underway across the country to raise money for the annual People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo fund drive. The fund drive begins Sept. 15 and will run through Dec. 15.

But individual readers and organized groups of supporters have already begun raising money to reach the $200,000 goal. Pam Saffer, fund drive coordinator, announced over $50,000 has already been raised.

One long-time Florida reader and supporter of the paper gave $10,000, stating the PWW/Mundo is part of the crucial mobilization to defeat the ultra-right in November. Of special concern to this supporter was the defeat of Gov. Jeb Bush.

Readers in Northern California and Illinois are organizing banquets, honoring local peace, labor and social justice leaders and organizations. Northern California’s banquet will be held Sunday, Oct. 13, in the Berkeley Marina.

USAction President William McNary will be keynoting the banquet in Chicago, Sunday, Oct. 20. John Bachtell, chairman of the Illinois banquet committee, said the PWW/Mundo are becoming more widely read and utilized by workers and activists involved in struggles.

The money raised for the PWW/Mundo fund drive goes to cover the many expenses in publishing and distributing a working class, partisan newspaper.

Many changes have been happening at the PWW/Mundo and more plans are being laid, from changes to the editorial board and staff to the opening of a new office in Chicago. Sam Webb, national chairman of the Communist Party USA, said in a letter to party leaders, “In the past year or two, the PWW/Mundo has really taken off. The coverage of breaking news events and struggles at home and abroad has been superb. The paper has gone online and its look is changing. And above all, the paper is greatly appreciated by leaders and activists in the labor and people’s movements.” Webb urged the Communist Party to mobilize for a successful drive.

Saffer said it’s a challenge to not only raise the $200,000 by Dec. 15, but also to increase the circulation as well. “We have a lot work ahead of us, for peace, for economic rights, for equality. A larger circulation of the PWW/Mundo will help make break-throughs on these vital issues,” she said.