“Unite to Fight” blue rubber wristbands, union-made buttons that say “Rebuild America, Bring the Troops Home,” and calling subscribers to give a “day’s pay” are all examples of grassroots, reader-powered fund raising projects for the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo.

“Kids love these bands. It’s a style thing. ‘Unite to fight’ is a good slogan for the PWW because it delivers that message every week,” says Gary Dotterman of Boston, who is promoting them.

In Connecticut, button selling along with three major events a year — African American History Month, May Day and the Communist Party’s anniversary — helped to raise $10,000 for the PWW last year, and they are halfway to that amount this year. Dorothy Johnson of Connecticut says, “Response has been good. People like the theme. It’s a good message because people feel the troops shouldn’t have been there in the first place. We sold the buttons at the Connecticut AFL-CIO convention and a number of people said, ‘Wow — it’s about time to take care of America with jobs, health care and good wages.’ Buttons are something that readers want to take and sell in their workplace and churches.”

A day’s pay is a target number, says Lance Cohn of Illinois. “I let subscribers and readers who get the paper in our neighborhood distribution know that we are in a fund drive. Working-class people are generous and give donations. The more they know and read the paper, the more people are convinced to support it with their hard-earned dollars. The PWW becomes part of their lives, like part of the family.”

So there you have it. Readers across the country raising money, and raising hell, for their fighting newspaper. Our goal is to raise $150,000 by Dec. 15. We have almost $29,000 in hand. Help us make it over the top. Give today.

To order wristbands or buttons call: 773-446-9920 ext. 201 for details.