I don’t think there has been a day gone by in the past couple of years that there hasn’t been a negative commentary by a government official or commentator in the media about the country of Iran. To wit:

   -“Iran’s nuclear program rounding third and heading for home;”

   -“Iran a threat to world peace;”

   -“Be afraid of a nuclear Iran;”

   -“Iran a threat to Israel.”

And now Israel is bellowing about attacking Iran.

Reminds me of the ’60s when the nation was being conditioned by similar headlines; only then it was North Vietnam that was the threat. Remember the “domino theory?”As South Vietnam goes, so goes the rest of Asia, one by one. And juniors and seniors in high school being called up upon graduation so they could “join up” and serve the “national interest.” Whose interest?

More than 56,000 U.S. citizens died serving. Serving what??

As far I know, there is only one nuclear power in the Middle East. And there is only one country continually violating UN resolutions. That same country occupies and oppresses another people, namely the Palestinians. That nation is the U.S. proxy in the region.


Isn’t it telling that when the Shah of Iran was brutally running that country, violating Iranian human rights left and right, he wasn’t an issue. But as soon as the Shah was, thankfully, deposed by the Iranian people in 1979, and a new leadership arose to challenge U.S. hegemony in the Middle East, human rights and Iran “a threat to world peace” became issues.

Wake up, America! It’s only our youth we have to lose in the “national interest.” The military/industrial complex is still dumping on us. Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran on the horizon. And Washington is there to do its bidding.