Rep. Larson’s office greets emergency rally for health care

HARTFORD – Over 100 determined people attended an emergency rally Tuesday to save national health care reform. The gathering marched outside the office of Representative John Larson, expressing strong support with signs such as “Insurance Profits are bad for my health,” “Insure People, not Profits,” and “I want quality, affordable healthcare.” The rally, one of many across the country, was sponsored by Health Care for America Now (HCAN) Connecticut and MoveOn.

John Rossi, a staff representative for John Larson, came out to greet the crowd and was presented with a list of concerns by Steve Karp, the Connecticut Director of the National Association of Social Workers. Steve, on behalf of the group, encouraged Rep. Larson to continue his fight for meaningful, affordable national health care reform. Rossi thanked the group for their efforts and assured the crowd that Rep. Larson is doing everything he can to promote health care reform.

Participants urged the public to join the fight and call members of Congress with the message to support their effort to get health care reform done right for the country. All members of the Connecticut Congressional delegation, with the exception of Sen. Joe Lieberman, have been in the forefront of this effort.

The Universal Healthcare Foundation in Connecticut led the successful fight in the state legislature to establish SustiNet which provides the framework for public option healthcare in the state. Campaign manager Lynne Ide e-mailed an appeal for calls to members of Congress.

“The national health care reform debate has dominated the headlines in the past month, playing on the hopes and fears everyone,” she said. While the foundation keeps on top of developments in Washington, they are also moving forward to implement SustiNet, which she said is “the new law that establishes the nation’s first statewide public health insurance option and addresses cost, quality and access.” Information about SistiNet is available at

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Tom Connolly
Tom Connolly

Tom Connolly is a retiree labor and social justice activist writing from Connecticut.