A resolution opposing militarization of space will be recommended favorably to the New Haven Board of Aldermen by its Human Services Committee. At a packed public hearing Oct. 16, members of the committee said they were convinced by testimony to vote their support. The full Board of Aldermen will vote on the resolution Nov. 8. The text, introduced by the City of New Haven Peace Commission, follows.

Recalling the New Haven Board of Aldermen unanimously endorsed a resolution opposing the testing of nuclear weapons, the spread of nuclear weapons and called for the complete abolition of nuclear weapons;

Recognizing the proposed Missile Defense system would abrogate the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1972 that has served as a base, at least, for stabilization of the threatened terror of nuclear war and would initiate a dangerous arms race diverting funds so necessary to meet the essential needs of people for food, clothing, education and health care;

Noting the reaffirmation of the Outer Space Treaty, signed by 140 members of the General Assembly of the United Nations, including the United States, that specifies outer space is reserved for peaceful uses only and that outer space enjoys universal ownership;

Observing world-wide opposition to any militarization of space, including missile and theatre defense systems and the placement of nuclear weapons in space, expressed by governments and dramatized by massive popular demonstrations in many countries;

Realizing the United States government is proceeding with research and testing of a missile defense system despite universal opposition;

Therefore, the New Haven Board of Aldermen, in keeping with its long tradition of advocacy for peace, reaffirms its call for the total abolition of nuclear weapons and opposition to the research and employment of a Missile Defense system, and further

Urges other Connecticut municipal bodies to initiate resolutions expressing vigorously their opposition to this threat to world peace, and further

Orders copies of this resolution sent to President George W. Bush; Secretary-General of the United Nations; Connecticut Congressional delegation; the cities and towns of Connecticut and the media.