United Nations, Jun 24 (Prensa Latina) Underdeveloped countries prepare to confront wealthy powers in defense of their survival during the present world economic crisis in the UN this week.

A UN official told Prensa Latina that top ranking officials of 130 countries have assured participation in the largest conference to date to debate the present economic and financial world crisis, as well as its impact on development.

At least 14 presidents have announced their participation in the three day session that begins on Friday in UN headquarters in New York.

Latin America will be represented by presidents of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, Bolivia, Evo Morales and Ecuador, Rafael Correa, all known for their strong criticism of capitalist power who they blame for the world economic crisis and will try to achieve that the UN play a decisive role in the management of the world economic crisis.

Underdeveloped member countries of G-77 and China have applied pressure for a final document by which the Conference certifies that the UN is the proper scenario to deal with economic crisis problems.

But this proposal faces rejection of the industrialized powers that prefer debates on the serious matter that affects all of humanity be reduced to reduced groups such as G-8 or G-20.

During a meeting with the press in the UN on Monday, Malaysian specialist, Martin Knor, executive director of the Third World South Center said that G-8 and G-20 act as exclusive clubs that lack legitimacy in the UN.

Also, former Nicaraguan chancellor and General Assembly president, Miguel D’Escoto pointed out that the United Nations with representatives of 192 states is the ideal scenario to deal with the subject of the economic and financial crisis.