TUCSON, Ariz. – Salt of the Earth Labor College has just released its schedule for Fall 2002. It is the school’s tenth year of educating workers and the progressive community here.

Kicking off the semester, Sept. 14, will be a presentation on “The Battle for National Health Care” by Dr. Michael Gray, Medical Director of Progressive Health Care Group in Benson. Dr. Gray will lead a discussion about the ongoing struggle for a universal health care system, and the efforts to extend Medicare and Medicaid benefits to cover prescription drugs and other health needs.

Gray’s presentation will be given in the context of the November elections and the need to defeat the ultra-right forces as part of the movement to win full and equal health care coverage for all.

The fall semester will also include a lecture about immigrant rights. Pima Community College Professor and longtime community activist, Lupe Castillo, will present and lead a discussion on the struggle of immigrant workers for full rights, including the right to organize unions.

Another presentation, by Salt of the Earth Board Member Jack Blawis, will be on the Bush administration’s attack on the civil rights of workers and their unions, using the Sept. 11 events as a cover.

Veteran West Coast Longshore leader, Abba Ramos, has been invited for a presentation on the special role played by rank and file workers in organizing, building, and keeping the labor movement strong.

The weekend of Nov. 16-17 will feature a two-day series of classes on the basics of Marxism.

Communist Party USA National Board member Arnold Becchetti will teach an introduction to the scientific socialist worldview, and its application to struggles facing working families in the U.S.

Named after the classic labor film, “Salt of the Earth,” the Labor College is a school for working people founded as a place for workers to come together and learn to understand the political, economic, social and cultural forces shaping our lives. Salt of the Earth Labor College charges only small fees and is open to anybody interested.

For a schedule of Fall 2002 programs write the Salt of the Earth labor College at 1902 E. Irene Vista, Tucson AZ 85713 or send your snail mail address to SELC@webtv.net.

The author can be reached at stelnik@webtv.net