NEW YORK — Sam Webb, national chair of the Communist Party USA, will speak at Winston Unity Hall here Nov. 20 on the subject of socialism — the specific U.S. path towards socialism and what it might look like in this country.

The talk, titled “A Better World is Necessary: The Communist Party on Socialism USA,” is intended to stimulate ongoing debate within the CPUSA and the broader movements for peace, democracy and equality about what this “other world” will look like.

“After 1991,” Webb said, referring to the year the Soviet Union fell, “some proclaimed that socialism was dead. Some even said that we were at the ‘end of history,’ and that a new order of eternal peace and prosperity was in the works.”

The reality has been otherwise, said Gary Bono, labor secretary for the N.Y. CPUSA. “Could you say the world’s a more peaceful place now than in 1991?” Bono asked. “Right here at home the situation of working people continues to become more difficult. The tax burden is being shifted more and more onto the backs of the working class. Racism and segregation continue.”

Webb continued: “A better world is not only possible, but necessary. If the human race is to survive — the threat of nuclear annihilation or the greater and greater threats of catastrophic environmental degradation — we need to move towards another kind of society.”

Webb said he intends to introduce some provocative ideas during his talk and hopes they will generate a wide-ranging discussion. “Some of the concepts we held in the past no longer hold sway. We have to take a hard look at what happened in the Soviet Union, and look especially at the history of our own nation, and apply the right lessons.”

“We’re proud of this discussion,” said NYCP Chair Elena Mora. “The Communist Party will always be committed to the struggles of today, but we also bring to them a view of the future.”

A web site connected with the discussion will be launched near the end of the year, she said.

Webb’s talk will be a fundraiser for the People’s Weekly World. Tickets are $25 ($15 low-income/student), and include lunch. Winston Unity Hall is located at 235 W. 23 St. in Manhattan. Call (646) 437-5363 for more information.