Five Cuban men — the “Cuban Five” — have been in U.S. jails for over eight years. They were seeking to expose organizers of terrorism against Cuba. The appeal process has not yet run its course. For more information, visit or

Ricardo Palmera, known as Simón Trinidad, served the Revolutionary Army Forces of Colombia as a peace negotiator. The CIA arranged his capture in Ecuador in 2003. Extradited to the U.S., Palmera is in solitary confinement. His first trial ended as a mistrial, but he faces more. His alleged guilt, in essence, is that of association. For more information, see

Letters tell the imprisoned that friends are on their side. And they remind jailers that the world is watching.

Write to the Cuban Five:

Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez, #58741-004, USP Florence, PO Box 7500, 5880 State Hwy 67, South Florence CO 81226.

Fernando González Llort (Ruben Campa), #58733-004, FCI Oxford, PO Box 500, Oxford WI 53952-0500. (Address the envelope to “Ruben Campa,” but address the letter inside to Fernando.)

Gerardo Hernández Nordello, #58739-004, USP Victorville, PO Box 5500, 13777 Air Expressway Road, Adelanto CA 92301.

Ramon Labañino Salazar (Luis Medina), # 58734-004, USP Beaumont, PO Box 26035, Beaumont TX 77720. (Address the envelope to “Luis Medina,” but address the letter inside to Ramon.)

René González Sehwerert, #58738-004, FCI Marianna, PO Box 7007, Marianna FL 32447-7007.

Write to Ricardo Palmera:

Ricardo Palmera, c/o Federal Public Defender for D.C. Robert Tucker, 625 Indiana Ave. Suite 550, Washington DC 20004.