Sign-up for People’s World Winter phonathon

Many hands make light work, goes the old expression. And with your help, along with thousands of People’s World readers and supporters, we can make light work of our goal to raise $125,000 by May 1. 

We’ve raised over $35,000, but that’s only the beginning.

One way you can help, besides donating your hard-earned money, is to speak with others about donating. People’s World has many readers, meaning we must talk to many people.

The upcoming February 19-25 People’s World Winter Phonathon is all about that. Sign up to work the auto-dialer HERE for call shifts during the day or evening, or whenever convenient. We can reach most of our supporters if at least 100 enthusiastic volunteers sign up to help.

During the phonathon, we’ll make thousands of reader-to-reader contacts. Speaking with other readers, sharing experiences about struggles you’re involved with, and getting their feedback are the most enjoyable experiences imaginable. Our readers have a lot to say and appreciate getting a call and the chance to speak with someone.

You’ll need your phone and computer, and we’ll provide the rest. If you enjoy talking to people, sign up for the phonathon HERE. Call People’s World readers and have a blast!

Thanks for doing your part! 

John Wojcik

Chauncey K. Robinson
Social Media Editor

C.J. Atkins
Managing Editor


Special to People’s World
Special to People’s World

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