Singing bus riders for peace

Dave Martin, left, of the Lombard (Ill.) Mennonite Church and Margaret Nelson sing, “Let peace prevail, got to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, can’t afford the cost of war. Let us try what love can do, to build this sad old world anew.”

Martin led one of at least four buses from the Chicago metro area that traveled to Washington for the Jan. 27 antiwar march. He told the World the thing he’d remember the most about this trip would be “the breadth of this movement, with high school and college students, poor, middle- and working-class people all standing up together saying ‘We’ve had enough of this war.’”

Nelson said, “In a democracy a patriot must protest when the government goes wrong.” She was struck by “how beautiful the faces were, particularly the vets, old and young people of all races. We’re not only patriotic but we are pretty, the best looking people marching for what needed to be done, a desire for peace and justice in the world.”