Sal, our soldier friend in Iraq, was encouraged when the new organization “Military Families Speak Out” ( started holding public activities in Texas. He writes:

Dear Jim,

I forwarded information about the MFSO demo to my parents. It is a great thing that these people are doing. Please forward my thanks. Things here are pretty steady. I have guard duty a lot. I get a lot of time to spend with the Iraqi kids around. There are three in particular. Hassad, his little sister Nacuma (very cute), and Asam. I give them stuff that I have (water, food, sometimes dollars) and then we make faces at each other. I have fun trying to understand what they are saying. I am getting out soon. Lately I have been talking to a lot of other soldiers about Bush. The common voice is “I haven’t voted before, but I am definitely voting against him.” One of my sergeants said today that he thought the whole administration is bad. Very true. Very scary. If you are going to the MFSO protest, please carry me in your thoughts.

Sal of the Sand