Sal, a young Texas soldier in Iraq, writes to let us know that he is OK.

Hi Jim,

Just a letter to let everyone know I am OK. Nothing bad happened. Before I left on the convoy, though, a guy in my battalion was shot and killed. I had to watch his body get put on a plane and go to his memorial service right before I left, so, needless to say, I was a bit worried.

To answer everyone wanting to know when I will be leaving Iraq, I was told to be prepared to stay till next March. This doesn’t mean I will be staying till then, just to be prepared. Well … keep your fingers crossed.

Things are back to normal here. I think they stopped firing mortars at us. Which is a good thing because I have to be on a guard tower for eight hours! They had an awards ceremony and our colonel gave a speech. Very patriotic.

He said we are here because some bad men flew an airplane into the twin towers. He said there was a direct link between the Iraqi government and these same fellows. He said that we’ve crashed into the camps and captured the bad folks. Very inspiring.

He also gave his support to Bush. I am sure you can imagine some of the things that were going through my mind.

In solidarity,
Sal of the Sand