If you’re in southeastern Brazil and miss the People’s Weekly World, go to the farmlands and stop by the offices of Camoneses Sem Terra, a landless peasant association. You’ll be able to read PWW articles on their classroom’s blackboard.

Of course, if you want to read the articles in Brazil, you’ll need to be familiar with the language.

“I translate the articles of your newspaper into Portuguese and affix it onto the blackboard of the training classroom,” wrote Manoel, a reader and member of CST. He said he does it “for the information of our colleagues” so that they can learn about “the international solidarity of the world working-class movement.”

But money is a problem. Manoel ordered the paper for $14.95 through our website, but he doesn’t have the money to pay the difference between that and the cost of an international subscription. He consequently asked for a break on the price.

“The written edition is very important for our group,” says Manoel. “We do not have a computer in our association and I have to use the [internet café] in the city near where we live.”

Faced with the dilemma, Jenn Delgado, the new PWW circulation manager said, “How can we say ‘no’? The paper is making a difference for him and his comrades—how can we not offer solidarity?”

The decision to offer the subsidized subscription to the CST is nothing new: subscriptions to the World are given in solidarity to organizations and movements around the world, from Madagascar to Vietnam. International subscriptions used to be far cheaper, but they were pushed up to well over $100 per year when the post office abolished the periodicals postage rate for anything outside the United States.

“We want to continue to offer these subscriptions,” said Delgado, “but given the current trends in costs, we can’t afford them unless our readers and supporters pitch in and help us out with the costs.”

“Just send a check, written to ‘PWW,’ for as much as you can to: PWW International Solidarity Fund, 235 West 23rd Street, New York City, 10011. Or you could go to www.pww.org/support.”

“I thank you very much for the time we have received the newspaper,” wrote Manoel. “We send to all the USA workers our deep solidarity for their struggle for peace and socialism.”