Being on a limited Social Security income, writing a check for the fund drive is a difficult matter. So this is my approach:

At the end of the day I take some of my pocket change and empty it into a piggy bank. Towards the end of the Fund Drive I roll up the change and give it to the PWW.

Without even checking, many of us know how much paper money we have. However few of us keep as close track of our change.

Every day many of us buy coffee, chewing gum, etc., with this pocket change. The 75 cents a day we spend on coffee adds up to $270.50 each year, which is a lot of money.

A donation of one day of a person’s salary comes to only a few cents a day; $100 is less than 30 cents a day.

So if we put it aside on a regular basis, it is not missed. Many of us can easily support the paper at the rate of what we spend on that one cup of coffee, the pack of gum, etc. When we buy our local daily newspapers with pocket change (50 cents a day, which comes to $182 each year) do we complain?

Together, at the rate of a cup of coffee a day, 100 people can raise $27,375 each year for the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo!

For this fund drive I am bringing in $88 in rolled up pocket change. I have to admit, I cheated a little. I kept all of the quarters for the laundromat.

– K.B.
New York, NY