Chris Butters.

Corporations trumpet
freedom for America,
just not for their own
overseas sweatshops

U.S. Government trumpets
human rights for Russia,
just not for its own
smoldering ghettoes

How can one be for
oppression in one place
and freedom
in another?

How can one be for
dictatorship in one place
and democracy
in another?

It’s like
the Middle East

and growing up
as a kid
in America

the bad dictators
we must  overthrow
and the good dictators
we must support

and then one day
you realize it all
comes down to
oil wells

Marchers call out
injustice, rightly so,
the ever staggering
double standard

home of the brave,
land of the free,
the saying one thing
and doing another

But it is not
a double standard,
I must

It is a single standard,
I have come
to see

It is a
single standard:




Chris Butters
Chris Butters

Chris Butters is a socialist and labor activist, retired NYC court reporter, and a former DC 37 (AFSCME) chapter officer. In addition to participating in anti-racist and labor struggles, his poetry continues to be published in Blue Collar Review, a quarterly journal of poetry and prose published by Partisan Press, and many other literary and left poetry magazines.