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Last Friday twelve members of the Trody family were kicked out of their home in Liberty City and forced to live in truck over the weekend. On Monday they took the right action and reclaimed their home defying an eviction order from Miami Dade County Sheriff.

Like many across the country Carolyn Conley (matriarch of the extended Trody family) was taken in by a refinancing scheme that she didn’t understand. A year later her house was foreclosed on and Ms. Conley along with her extended family were forced from their home. The family includes dedicated community organizers and activists from the Miami Workers Center: Mary Trody (daughter), Mia Dennis (granddaughter), Brandon Brown (grandson), and Annie Thomas (granddaughter).

The Trodys are one example of the troubles faced by so many across the county.

On Monday, February 23, the Miami Workers Center, LIFFT and MIA teamed up with Take Back the Land to move the Trody family back into their home, where they have been living ever since. This is but one act of resistance against a morally corrupt system that would put four generations of a family out on the street and have a home sit empty.

As residents step up to find their own solutions to the housing crisis and the deepening economic crisis the county government and police department are lagging behind. With Miami Dade facing 6,000 foreclosures a month, county political leadership needs to take moral action to protect all residents from homelessness and the greed of banks.