“When you look at the war, and you look at the reasons that took us to war, and you don’t find that any of the things that we were told that we’re going to war for turned out to be true, when you don’t find there are weapons of mass destruction, and when you don’t find that there was a link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, and you see that you’re not helping the people and the people don’t want you there, to me, there’s no military contract and no military duty that’s going to justify being a part of that war.” – Camilo Mejia

Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejia had served three years in the Army and almost five in Florida’s National Guard when he was deployed to Iraq in April 2003.

He saw the brutalizing effects the war had on his fellow soldiers. He saw what little regard his commanding officers had for human life.

Mejia returned to the U.S. on what was supposed to be a two-week furlough in October 2003 but did not report back to the military until March 2004, when he announced that he would file a conscientious objector application.

Mejia is currently being held by the military at Fort Stewart, Ga., where his court martial for desertion will begin May 19.

Ask military officials to accept Mejia’s conscientious objector application. Address letters to:

Major General William G. Webster, Jr.
Commanding General, Fort Stewart
42 Wayne Place, Fort Stewart, GA 31314

Acting Secretary of the Army Les Brownlee
The Pentagon
Washington, DC 20310

For more information visit www.citizen-soldier.org, or www.afsc.org