Birth control. It’s used by 98 percent of American women. It’s healthy, safe, and effective. It reduces the number of abortions. It’s basic health care. We can all agree on that much, right?

Apparently not. Leaders from the ultra-conservative right are determined to paint birth control as evil, just as they’ve tried to do with abortion. They have attacked the pill and emergency contraception—they’ve even campaigned against condoms!

It’s time to show mainstream Americans who is behind the War on Birth Control.

Urge your senators and representative to sign the congressional resolution on family planning—to say whether they’re for birth control, or against it.

Eighty-nine percent of Americans favor more access to information about birth control, and 81 percent think birth control access is a good way to prevent abortions*, so birth control opponents are clearly outside the mainstream. But a lot of elected officials are silently backing them, scared to offend their narrow political base.

So we’re asking senators and representatives to support a new resolution, just introduced in Congress, which says:

(1) Congress should help women, regardless of income, avoid unintended pregnancy and abortion through access to affordable contraception; and (2) Congress should support programs and policies that make it easier for women to obtain contraceptives.

Can you imagine saying “no” to that? No programs to haggle over, no tough budgeting decisions to be made, no lawmaker’s pet project. It’s just a simple statement: Congress should support access to birth control.

Urge your leaders to support H.CON. Res. 404 and S. Res. 485. Even if your senator and representatives already back this resolution, they still need to hear from you. This resolution could lead to a showdown in Congress, and we want to make sure every last moderate lawmaker is with us.

You can learn more about the War on Birth Control here:

Read the text of the resolution here:

Thank you for standing up for what we all know is right.


Cecile Richards
President Planned Parenthood Action Fund

* “Most Americans Back Easy Access To Birth Control, Survey Finds,” Wall Street Journal, June 20, 2006