DALLAS – Halliburton has a big office building in Carrollton, Texas, just outside the Dallas City limits. Forty to 50 protesters gathered there on April 15 to show their outrage with corporate profiteering at the expense of the Iraqi people, American soldiers, and American taxpayers. “We’ll be here every Friday,” organizer Hadi Jawad told the rally, “until the war ends or Halliburton freezes over!”

Speaker after speaker denounced the company’s special relationship with Bush/Cheney and the profits they are draining from the blood of the people. Democratic congressional candidate Gary Page said, “The concept of awarding no-bid contracts is reprehensible to a representative democracy and the free-market system … All of this leads to a dangerous precedent of the corporatization of military conflicts and their aftermath.”

Page said allowing a state of perpetual conflict for economic reasons will lead to ruinous policy decisions. “To balance innocent lives with corporate goals should be inconceivable. In short, plain English: War should never be profitable! It should be abolished!” he declared. Page is running in CD 24, a new district said to be created specifically for G.W. Bush crony Kenny Marchant.

State Rep. Lon Burnam announced a major protest to take place at Halliburton’s stockholder meeting at 8 a.m. on May 19 in Houston. Those interested in participating can call 832-725-6220 or look at the web page: houstonglobalawareness.org.

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